Terms and Conditions of Sale

Signed Purchase Order. Materials will be manufactured per the information on the signed paperwork. We advise that you have your Architect, Designer, Contractor or Mason or other purchasing agent verify all the information on the jobsite to ensure no error occurs. The accuracy of models, sizes and quantities ordered are the sole responsibility of the purchaser or the authorized purchasing agent. CSC is not responsible for field verification or site dimensions. Request a revision before signing your order or see Add/Change policy below.  Any radius or site dimension information accuracy is the responsibility of the purchaser. All orders are FOB our factory unless otherwise noted.

Your signed quote confirms all dimensions, quantities, colors, textures and model #s are correct.

Lead times begin when the following items are returned to CSC

  • Signed and completed quote
  • Signed Terms and conditions and Warranty sheets
  • 6×6 sample, approved for color and texture (keep one for yourself)
  • Deposits

Add / Change / Cancellation Orders: CSC- and our field representatives provide take off services in order to develop a contract for your project. However,  due to the complexities of Cast Stone components, number of pieces, various locations on a project, various joint layouts, field cuts and installation changes etc., add or change orders will be required for any additional materials not included in the original contract.  In addition to the cost of the materials, a factory-processing fee is required. 

ADD/Change fee Schedule:
$0-$500/ $50 fee;
$500-$1000/$100 fee;
$1001-$3000/$150 ;
$3000 + /$175 fee.

Payments Schedule -Deposits are required on orders and add orders as shown on the quote, any progress payments are due upon receipt, and all final payments are required before shipping or pick up is arranged.  Refunds for materials and mold cancellations will be charged a 20% service charge, for any and all yet to be manufactured materials, models, prototypes & molds, No Exceptions. No cancellations are accepted for any materials or molds that have started fabrication, No Exceptions.

CSC product variation: Materials are handmade, and hand finished. All pieces are made individually, and projects are cast over a period of days in various molds. Each piece of this handmade stone is unique and varies depending on the weather and curing conditions. The variation created in this process is clearly shown in our literature and websites. This variation will occur in color, surface texture, minor chips and non-structural hairline cracking. All of these are characteristics of cast stone and are not considered quality flaws. Specific pieces are more likely to show hairlines than others. Balusters for example often show these hairlines at shape transition points. The acid etched finish will vary from piece to piece and often times on individual piece. Air holes are an inherent part of concrete and will occur in some form on every piece depending on the shape. CSC patches these air holes if the exceed 3/4 “or greater. As with natural stone, color will vary from piece to piece. Please be advised that color samples are only a guide and you should review our literature, websites and inspect complete projects to fully understand CSC materials. Tolerances- are ¼” each direction and over 24” L add 1/16” per 12”. Tolerances are due to compression of different molds and their age and pour. It is important that the purchaser or the purchasing agent understand the traits of cast stone.

Smooth finish:  Items finished Smooth have the potential of varied tones and minor flaws that may be visible.

Freeze-Thaw:  If your order is going to a freeze- thaw climate zone, please notify us, as this requires a special mix. CSC is not responsible for materials delivered to a Freeze-Thaw climate zone if this was not noted, revealed or requested.

Pedestal Pavers: For Pedestal Pavers please note that a special mix design is required and only square sizes are guaranteed in 2” thickness x 24” square max;  CSC is not responsible for paver breakage when used as pedestal set, without notifying us of the intended use.

Cleaned and Sealing:  All CSC products should be cleaned and sealed with PROSOCO products (call for information).  No other products should be used to clean, seal and maintain other than PROSOCO. Any other product used on the surface is at your own risk. Please see: http://www.prosoco.com/MSDS or http://www.prosoco.com/WaterRepellents and call them directly to discuss your project needs

Basic components & field adjustments: CSC supplies specific components that will require field layout, cutting, grouting, cleaning etc. Please make sure your installation professional has the required tools, equipment, manpower and experience to properly store, move, cut, install, grout and clean materials properly. CSC does not employ licensed Engineers or Architects. Typical installation methods and procedures discussed or introduced to the purchaser or the purchaser’s agents by CSC are solely to provide general information and are not intended to supersede or replace recommendations or requirements from licensed professionals, contractors, subcontractors and should be checked for adherence to relevant local code requirements. CSC is not liable for any installation methods, materials, site preparation, field layout or any other materials, trades or trade practices.

Mold & tooling: all designs and physical property related to production of molds and the actual the molds, remain the sole property of CSC.

Manufacturing lead times & payment: Your manufacturing lead-time will be stated on your quote and will begin when the items noted above are recieved. Lead times vary on projects so please check your paperwork for your specific completion date. CSC is not liable for job related failures, delays or charges including but not limited to equipment rental, labor, rescheduling or interest on payments.

CSC quotes are valid for 90 days.
CSC reserves the right to change pricing at any time.

Shipments: CSC manufactures from our factories in Northern California. Materials are palletized, packaged and crated for the sole purpose of shipping materials on common carrier trucks and/or flatbeds. If special shipping conditions apply or materials will be shipped via sea vessel or air transport, we must be notified in writing, so packaging and crating are modified for this condition. We can help arrange shipping for you, however, we are not responsible for the Trucking company schedule, charges, or previous quotes.

Storage:  CSC storage facilities are limited. Materials held longer than 30 days will be charged 1.5% per month on the value of the job. Materials held after 60 days will be charged a flat 250.00 per month storage fee. Materials stored in our facility longer than 60 days during weather changes (summer to winter) can darken and age; facility storage past 60 days is at your own risk.

Delivery: All items are FOB at our facility, we can assist you in finding a shipper/freight company to ship your product, however, freight charges are the sole responsibility of the purchaser or authorized purchasing agent.  Freight drivers will not remove pallets/crates from trucks (unless it has been added as a service), common carriers will generally move a certain amount of feet on a flat surface with a pallet jack; other conditions may require a forklift. Please have adequate equipment and personnel available to remove pallets/crates. Jobsite placement is the sole responsibility of the accepting agent or personnel. Lift gates can be requested but are not guaranteed by shippers. Actual delivery dates and times are the sole responsibility of the shipper and the purchaser. We are not responsible for transportation damage once the product leaves our facility.  We inspect all items at packaging before they are loaded on the truck and suggest that you do so once the product arrives.

Packaging:   Please remove all packaging (plastic wrap) once the product arrives, to ensure that the product can breathe and continue to cure, but should be covered at the top to protect unsealed product from being stained

Inspection: You or your representative must be present with shipping agent upon delivery and inspect the crate for obvious damage. This should be done with the driver upon delivery & noted on the bill of lading. Then, open the crate and inspect pieces, any damage must be noted & photographed, note it with the shipper on the bill of lading, then notify us immediately so that we may file a claim. Claims are a courtesy on your behalf, as CSC do not include shipping in contracts, and you are technically contracting directly with the shipper, CSC Customer Service only makes this arrangement on your behalf.  You only have 15 days to file a claim with CSC for the concerned carrier, so do not delay this, or the extra pieces must be paid for by you and are not handled by CSC as a claim.  CSC- reserves the right to refuse this service, or deem this site damage

INSPECT BEFORE INSTALLATION! Installation voids warranty

Site Storage: Materials should be stored in a clean and dry environment. Precautions should be taken to keep materials protected before during and after the storage and installation process. If materials are uncrated, precautions should be taken to keep materials clean, dry & safe from impact, staining or other conditions that may damage or stain materials. CSC is not responsible for damage or staining after materials are uncrated and unpackaged. It is highly recommended that materials not be stored for prolonged periods of time. Cast stone by nature will darken and possibly stain if stored over a prolonged period of damp or wet weather.

Limited Warranty Policy

CSC will for the period of one year after delivery, at its sole discretion, replace or repair any component that does meet the terms and conditions of sale.

Any discrepancies regarding appearance, color, texture, consistency, overall appearance or any other must be submitted to CSC in writing & with photographs, before the commencement of installation. CSC will examine its production records and approved samples. Remedial action will only be considered if a discrepancy is found. CSC is not liable for any damage to any other existing or installed materials not manufactured by CSC No exceptions. CSC warranty only applies to CSC manufactured materials.  CSC does not warranty issues with other product lines used in conjunction with the Cast Stone such as: grout, mortar, cleaners, sealers, maintenance, or other applications to its surface; you must address those issues to those specific manufacturers.

The purchaser or authorized purchaser’s agent is advised that under no circumstances does this warranty cover the cosmetic appearance, or any pieces after they have been installed, or partially installed.  INSPECT BEFORE INSTALLATION! Installation voids warranty.

Disputes: Please read all Terms and Conditions, and if you are a purchaser, provide a copy to your client prior to contracting and again at inspection; this will avoid many common questions.  Cast stone has certain characteristics and is not a perfect product and the client should be informed so that their expectations are reasonable. If you have a dispute then send customer service or your sales representative, a digital picture, with an explanation, and we will review it, and our customer service person, Customer Service will contact a response.  All disputes that can not be resolved to satisfaction shall be settled by arbitration only.