Signed Quote & Purchase Order: This is your contract and all materials will be manufactured per the information on the signed paperwork. We advise that you have your Architect, Designer, Contractor or Mason verify all the information on the job site to ensure no error occurs. The accuracy of models, sizes, and quantities ordered are the sole responsibility of the purchaser or the authorized purchasing agent. California Stonecraft is not responsible for field verification or site dimensions. Add orders will be required for any additional materials required to complete the project. Your signed quote confirms all dimensions, quantities, colors, textures and model numbers. Basic components & field adjustments: California Stonecraft supplies specific components that require field layout, cutting, grouting, cleaning, etc. Please make sure your installation professional has the required tools, equipment, manpower and experience to properly move, cut, install, grout and clean materials properly. Manufacturing lead times & payment: Your manufacturing lead-time will be stated on your quote. Lead times vary on projects so please check your paperwork for your specific completion date. A 50% deposit is required to begin the manufacturing process. Payment in full is required before final shipment.

Cancellations: Any cancellations will be subject to a 20% fee. No cancellations will be accepted after manufacturing has started.

Shipments: California Stonecraft manufactures and ships directly from our factories in the United States. Materials are packaged and crated for the sole purpose of shipping materials on common carrier trucks and/or flatbeds. If special shipping conditions apply or materials will be shipped via sea vessel or air transport, we must be notified in writing so packaging and crating are modified to meet transport requirements.

Delivery: Freight charges are the sole responsibility of the purchaser or authorized purchasing agent unless other arrangements are made in writing. Liftgates can be requested but are not guaranteed by shippers. Freight drivers will not remove crates from trucks. Please have adequate equipment and personnel available to remove crates. Jobsite placement is the sole responsibility of the accepting agent or personnel. Actual delivery dates and times are the sole responsibility of the shipper and the purchaser.

Site Storage: Materials should be stored in a clean and dry environment. Precautions should be taken to keep materials protected before, during and after the storage and installation process. Precautions should be taken to keep uncrated materials clean, dry & safe from impact, staining or other conditions that may damage or stain materials. California Stonecraft is not responsible for damage or staining after materials are uncrated and unpackaged.

Damage or Claims: All reasonable precautions are taken in packaging and crating to prevent shipping damage, however, if you receive a damaged crate or materials, you must mark on the delivery paperwork “Damaged Crate, Delivery not accepted”. If you accept delivery without inspecting the materials you must sign paperwork “Delivery accepted with exception-contents to be inspected at later date”. You must note this information on all the delivery paperwork yourself or your shipping claim will not be accepted. Please call us toll free1-888-281-7899 at NVCS customer service to notify us of shipping damage and we can help you through the process. If you accept materials and find damage upon internal inspection please photograph the damage and save all pieces and packaging to assist us in the filing of any claims required. Any materials required to be remade will be scheduled immediately upon notification.

Warranty: California Stonecraft warrants its products to be free of defects. Variations in color, texture + shading from piece to piece are not considered defects and are an inherent quality of natural and cast stone. As with natural stone, minor chipping and hairline cracking are inherent to cast stone materials. Warranty does not apply to any Napa Valley Cast Stone materials after installation. No exceptions. California Stonecraft warranty only applies to California Stonecrafte materials. No other warranty is offered or implied.