Related Products:

Adhesive Mortar: Venezia Fireplace Fascia recommends the Laticrete Systems of adhesive mortars Call for a local supplier.


Anchoring Systems: Balustrade has no anchoring system included. Balusters are cast with a 3/8” rebar as close to center as possible. If the purchase agent requires other hardware for specific applications of cast stone or if the hardware must be cast into the stone, the purchase agent may specify the size, type and location of the anchoring system and Venezia will calculate the additional costs for this hardware upon approval. Please provide us with the company providing the anchoring system and any product code numbers. The decision to specify custom hardware is the sole choice and responsibility of the client. Provided below is an alternate resource.


Diamond Blades: Ricker machinery Company offers custom manufactured blades for all types of Venezia Materials. Specially blended diamond and metal powder blades are available for dry or wet cutting and high or low speed cutting.


Grout: See the “Color/Grout Matches” section for more information on getting the right color for your grout. Sanded grout of neutral tones close to the Venezia colors are available from the following companies.


Exterior Sealer: Venezia Fireplace Fascia recommends the Laticrete Systems of adhesive mortars Call for a local supplier.


Interior Sealer: Many types of coating and sealers are available, resulting in a wide choice of properties, ratings and finishes. Samples of sealers should be requested directly from the manufacturer. Pro S Co stone and tile care products and AFM products have been used with consistent success on Venezia products.

Maintenance & Care: A variety of stone soaps and cleansers are available. We recommend Light Duty Concrete Cleaner by Pro So Co for cleaning prior to sealing. Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner is recommended to remove unusually strong staining that may occur during the installation process on some job sites. It should be noted that the Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner does etch the product and should be used with care. After the product has been sealed, we recommend using Pro So Co Heavy Duty Detergent for regular maintenance.

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1 Laticrete Park North
Bethany, Ct 06524-3423
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Hauppauge, NY 11788-0270
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Specialty Steel Industry of North America
3050 K Street. N.W.,
Washington, D. C. 20007
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Precision Specialty Metals, Inc.
3301 Medford Street
Los Angeles, CA 90063
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Oakland, CA 94607
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