If you require assistance with ideas for a design or an integrated assembly please contact our marketing department. Venezia reserves the rights to all molds and designs and amortizes the costs of a custom surround based on potential future sales. Mold shelf life varies and some styles may go in or out of inventory either permanently or temporarily for a repair; for this reason, it is best to contact Venezia when specifying and inquire as to the current availability.

When to Customize: There are 3 basic scenarios wherein you’ll need to customize:

  1. To account for unusual site conditions
  2. To create an integrated assembly (see next page)
  3. To use a surround for something other than a fireplace (ie – a door or a window surround)

Custom Radii: Any existing Venezia surround system with a radius would require additional custom molds if a change is made to the inside radius (IR). Usually this would require a mold for the center section and both the left or right sides surrounding the box opening. In general this requires a total of 3 molds. All surround custom radii are to the inside of the box where the surround meets the opening or another material surrounding the box opening such as in the case of a slip or alternate material like marble or tile. Custom radii hearths are usually an outside radius (OR). You may specify the radius dimensions on plan, template, or in writing.

Custom Mold Charge: The custom mold charge will be located on your contract in the last column line item under “custom mold charges” and a total for all molds will be found on the totals page. A shop drawing will be supplied to you for approval by the contracting party who will make any corrections and return them in a timely fashion as indicated. Please talk to a design representative for the current pricing.