Weights: The fireplace surrounds weigh between 400 and 4,000 pounds, depending on the model and options purchased. For an approximate weight, refer to your quotation.

Cracking: Occurring mostly in grout joints but sometimes around stress points due to settling and particularly in new construction, hairline cracking may occur due to shifting, heat, or seismic activity. It is not uncommon to re-grout after a year or so. As the material is fiber reinforced, cracks are seldom structural, and this is most often not due to poor installation. Remember how lovely European stone is with all its cracks and fissures!

Inspection: Inspection of cast stone should take place as material is unwrapped. Please inform Venezia if any basic components have been damaged during shipment. If you or your client is uncertain whether to install a basic component due to an unfamiliar characteristic, review the Venezia literature or call your design consultant.

Manufacturing Plant Visits: Our facility in Napa is open by appointment, during regular business hours and weekends. A tour of our facility is a quick and effective introduction to our components and systems in various stages of production. Please Note: boots are recommended, as this is a working factory.

Building Codes: Please refer to the UBC or your local building code, architect, or engineer when determining load bearing for your job.

Pre-Sized Dimensions: Pre-sized surrounds come as an assembly. Parts may not be exchanged with the exception of the hearth, which allow an upgrade to a raised hearth and alternate hearth profiles (see hearth information in this section). Surround profiles vary in overall width and depth. Inside Heights of the pre-sized systems are 27” (A), 30” (B), 34” (C), 38” (D). Inside widths of the Pre-Sized Systems are in 36-1/2” (A), 42-1/2” (B), 48-1/2” (C), and 54-1/2” (D) measurements. There are no universal standards for surround openings but this range allows the maximum flexibility for Rumford style boxes, standard masonry boxes and most zero clearance boxes and allows room for the glass doors to retract. The inside height varies by design. Center section lengths of the pre-sized bolection and legged surrounds are 20” (A), 22” (B), 24” (C), and 26” (D). The standard center section sizes allow pieces to mix and match providing the depth allows or by using additional pieces an

Adjustable Dimensions: Each mantle shelf, header, or bolection molding piece is manufactured as a universal return length allowing a maximum cut of 36”+/- (some URT vary in length). Following your layout, you cut off either the right, left, or both end return pieces as required. Bolection molding corner pieces have a maximum of 24” length on the outside leg. Adjustable pieces are used most often where additional pieces are required, as in the case of a firebox that protrudes into the room and would require return pieces to stretch between the face of the surround and the sides back to the wall. The Adjustable method allows for maximum piece length and adjustability in the field. Adjustable surrounds should be ordered with the help of a marble and tile shop or by a qualified mason with the ability to do large field or shop cuts.

Hearth Dimensions: The pre-sized hearth is available in the chamfered edge used most often as a 2” flat hearth. The pre-sized hearth is shown in conjunction with the surrounds as a pre-determined match to sizes A-D. The center section of each hearth assembly size is as follows: 30” (A), 36” (B), 42” (C), and 48” (D) with each end return being 18” (alternate hearth returns are 12” & 24” see Hearth pages), with the exception being the stand alone surrounds. You may exchange the matching pre-sized hearth shown for another pre-sized assembly or three pieces of a URT Adjustable Hearth for no additional charge (up to 8’ in length). For more information on adjustable URT Hearths read below. Any thing over 8’ will require an additional charge. When ordering a pre-sized, 2”, chamfered edge, flat hearth without a surround, you may refer to it by its model number such as RH-400 size A, B, C, or D. Alternate hearth profiles are available and should be ordered by their model number
Adjustable URT Hearth Dimensions: You may also choose one of the other edge details either in conjunction with a pre-sized surround or alone. As an Adjustable Universal Return Hearth (URT). The Adjustable URT Hearths measure 40” Width and 20” Depth with a finished return on both ends to be field cut as required at a maximum length of 38” W, for either of the left or right returns, and 36” D, for the center section (usually allowing for a 2” minimum cut on either or both ends). You may choose up to three pieces for a maximum of 112” (not including grout joints) with no additional charge.
Raised Hearth Dimensions: For an additional charge a 2” veneer panel of 6”, 12”, or 18” high may be added to any hearth to create a raised hearth with a maximum finished height of 8”, 14”, or 18”. (Maximum has no field cuts. They may be field cut to any size within the components range, usually allowing for a minimum of two inches to be cut.) Raised hearths with Veneer panels may be ordered with or without a fireplace surround. If you are adding veneer panels to the standard system hearth please indicate such on the quote request form. If you are ordering an alternate adjustable hearth with veneer panels indicate such in the appropriate area of the quote request form. If the raised hearth is ordered using the adjustable URT method please indicate on the quote request form how many pieces you will be requiring. Quote request forms may be faxed to the Venezia office for a price quote, or you may speak with a representative for the current pricing.