Please read our Terms and Conditions for important information regarding color acceptability.

Tonal variation in concretes: Cements are fired at different levels and so variation exists not only between Portland (G), Colton (C) and White (W) cements, but also within some categories. Portland cement has a darker gray base, that varies due to the firing process and quarry batch, producing the most extreme variation in tone of any of our cements. Colton cement also varies but not as much, while White cements are the most accurate in color. The base for each color is indicated by the letter after the color number (ie Traditional Limestone-45W is made with a White-cement base). In many cases tonal variation contributes to the over-all look of the project.
Cements vary also in tone due to the curing process. Expect some variation between pieces as they each are made of natural materials and when combined, create a chemical process with varying results.

Custom color: Custom color is available and incurs an additional $350.00 formulation charge and and an additional 15% of the cost of materials. Please consult a representative for any additional expenses. Lead times for Custom color require an additional 4 weeks in addition to the standard surround lead times of 6 to 8 weeks and also on custom surround lead times of 12 weeks. The additional 4 weeks is to assure time for formulation, samples, approvals and changes prior to manufacturing. It is a good idea to start on any project requiring custom color 12 to 14 weeks ahead of the required installation date.
A Sample will be provided for your approval and sign-offs must be returned in a timely fashion or lead times may be delayed.
Custom color can be specified in two ways:

  1. Specify the color name & code number of an outside manufacturer of colored concrete pigment (ie Davis). We will order the pigment directly. This is the easiest and quickest method and will reduce the custom color lead time significantly.
  2. Provide a color sample, paint chip or stone for matching. This process can take up to 4 weeks for formulation, curing, shipping & approvals. Custom color lead time is in addition to our standard lead time.

Painting cast stone: Cast stone can be painted using a concrete paint. However one of the benefits to integral color is that it does not require painting.

Customizing a Texture: If you are a commercial or retail developer, and are ordering quantities of 10 or more, and want to explore other types of texture options, contact our marketing department with your request. We do not offer other options for single-order clients.
If you wish to develop or modify a specific texture, finish, color, discuss this with a Venezia Marketing Design Representative for proper pricing. Please note that additional costs will be incurred.

Sealer: Sealers are applied in addition to the finish. There are a number of different types of sealers. Some penetrate into the cast stone and others coat the surface, some create a sheen and others a matte finish. You will want to contact a Sealer manufacturer for recommendations regarding their products. Click here for our recommended sealer manufacturers.

Concrete Stains: A number of different products can be used on our surrounds to achieve different and unique end results. Some discolor the material tremendously and others may make subtle changes. Some products can even produce a glaze like surface finish. Venezia does not, in most cases, apply these during manufacturing, these are most often applied at your site by an artisan. See our resource guide for some suggested manufacturers.